1. Ryan says:

    Children learn abuse someplace. This is a stpmyom of bigger problems. Children who are treated with kindness will usually grow up to be a kind person. The corolarry is also true.

    1. Jeremiah says:

      I don’t see how the numbers are sweked when Garrard has only thrown 4 more times per game himself, and I really don’t see what a Wonderlic score has to do with anyone anywhere in relation to anything but that’s another rant.Nobody needs stats or numbers here anyway- anybody can SEE that Young is better than Garrard (it’s not like it’s even close to debatable, but this was fun thanks!). What will be interesting is if the Jaguars coaching staff noticed Garrard isn’t even the best QB on his own team now :S

    2. Rohin says:

      I can’t wait for the Wild Card Round. Game 1 Thursday night (travel day Friday, off day Saturday). Game 2 Sunday night (travel day Monday). Game 3 Tuesday night. The NL Wild Card round would then start the following Thursday I mean, is there ayawny MLB goes with a 3 day schedule for a best of 3 wild card round?

  2. Squad says:

    Great story. I just read the comments from 2006, nalemy some jerkwad tagged “liberal outlaw.”Despite all your warnings, he had the unfortunate liberal tendency of assuming he’s the brightest person in the blog room. Based on zero evidence.Too funny.

    1. Melinis says:

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    2. Joseph says:

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    3. Machhi says:

      Oh Goodness Sandy! Those ARE tiny apples! My Dad use to have apple trees here in caetrnl Texas but they never got to be very large The weather HAS been nicer!Enjoy that photo shoot!Oh, and if you are ever in Medina, Texas check out Love Creek Orchards! That’s where I learned how to make Apple Pie Ice Cream! I bought some of the sauce!Hahaahughugs

    4. Josh says:

      Not only did every rankings esytsm pick Carolina to beat Arizona, but this was invariably the one matchup picked with the highest margin of confidence and the biggest point spread of all the division round games. That the BeatPower confidence for this pick was relatively low (<40), while every other esytsm was far more confident, is somewhat of a silver lining.That said, Beatpaths playoff record doesn't look very good so far (2-6), even given the significant number of arguable upsets.

    5. Vistor says:

      But it needs a bit of tinkering to ioprmve its track record and predictive relevance….which ultimately is the goal of these types of exercises. This is just wrong. That is not the goal of this exercise. It is an interesting side-effect. The goal is to come up with a reasonable ranking system with the least amount of data possible in an objective manner. Predictive value is understood to be limited, but we track it out of curiosity. The methods are NOT designed to increase predictive value.

  3. Sohan says:

    It should be noted that tdraemrak is a limited doctrine. Her rights related to Hon may be very limited in nature. One needs to associate a tdraemrak with a good or service. Other users can use the same word for non competing goods or services. TM can not prevent private noncommercial speech. The more disturbing part is the power of threatening law suits, very frivolous or legally questionable claims have the power to change people practices. One major reason for this is the cost of litigation is so high, if it cost less to comply then to fight the claim businesses and indivisuals will often choose not defend their rights.

    1. edwin says:

      sharonlee wrote:So who has ended up in this playoff seiers?OK, in the National League, it is the Dodgers vs. the Phillies. I like the Dodgers in this one. Joe Torre is teh shizzle, and Manny is always good for a heart attack or three over the course of a 7 game seiers. If the Evil Empire gets past the Angels, it would be sweet, sweet vengeance to see the Dodgers beat them, give the way Torre was run out of New York like he was some sort of common criminal.The American League is the hated Yanquis vs. the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Or, shorter, Lea’s Angels Obviously, the consensus pick here (I polled me, myself and I) is the Angels. The Yankees are the Borg, an evil entity that will swallow the universe whole if given the opportunity. They must be thwarted!

    2. Idaho says:

      Sharonlee, I left you a message roinstawds.Gnome, I hated the ending of Angels and Demons. Hey, there’s our slogan for the Angels/Evil Empire playoff series! Let’s just hope I don’t hate the ending of that as well. Hubby gets to go to the game Tuesday night and I get to stay home with the boys.

  4. Soph says:

    I’ve had lots of really good wines, but I’d have to say that my fartvioe is syrah/shiraz. Among whites, I like a good, dry riesling.

    1. Nenhuma says:

      I would go with Baltimore. Chicago s offense is amlsot as putrid as the Rams. At least the Rams have a star running back. Against Chicago, you have the potential for a lot of picks and a lot of sacks. Plus, Baltimore is a better defense than Houston anyway.Good luck,nenehilarious.blogspot.com Was this answer helpful?

    2. Tamta says:

      Rick, once again, you’re missing the etinre point of beatpath rankings. Nobody here denies that you can probably get more accuracy by looking at more data. We’re not even considering home field here, and that’s a simple and obvious effect.The point of beatpaths is to see how much accuracy can be wrung out of a very small data set.In the case of Arizona, frankly, every ranking system in existance, from the most involved to the most basic, was picking Carolina. It was an upset in the purest sense. That beatpaths got that pick wrong is completely unremarkable.Moose, are you going to do a post-bowl NCAA ranking? I bet it looks a lot more reasonable now that there is so much more inter-conference play.

    3. Lisa says:

      Let’s bring the discussion back to the true ropblem, specifically in Missouri City. As most people know, there’s a low voter turnout in the First Colony portion of MoCity. So, simply because residents are not voting, does this give the City the right to be biased or to withhold City services from those residents? These residents pay City and County taxes like the rest of us. As taxpaying residents, they have the right to expect their sidewalks to be fixed without conditions, exceptions and other requirements. But that is not what is happening. To make it difficult or simply impossible for these taxpaying First Colony residents to qualify for City services, the City has required them to fix a ropblem which most residents had no involvement in. Does that seem fair? Is it simply a ruse so that MoCity government can avoid paying for a ropblem, which most residents see as a basic right because they are taxpayers? I’m an American citizen and a Fort Bend County and Missouri City taxpayer and I don’t think City government has the right to withhold City services simply because my neighborhood doesn’t turn out as many voters as another neighborhood or because City government is biased.

  5. Karan says:

    nitpick about Beatpaths: it’s not 100% objective. After the all, the cdiiseon to select one variable (win-loss record) over any number of other variables is a subjective cdiiseon. After that cdiiseon is made then, yes, everything that follows is objective.As far as CHFF, my interest is in the difference between descriptive statistics and predictive statistics. The final 2008 defensive hog numbers are not very descriptive of playoff appearances. Then again, neither is Beatpaths. I discussed the distortions introduced by the divisions with Rick last week: Nevertheless, their aggregation of three defensive statistics seems to do a very good job at predicting the playoff performance of teams 100% so far. I’m just throwing it out as an example here. I don’t know how it did week-on-week during the regular season, and its ability to predict the playoffs this year could just be a fluke (I understand they’ve changed the mix of stats from those used for 2007).The key strength I think Beatpaths has is looking at a predictive statistic relative to strength of schedule. Something like CHFF’s defensive hog index doesn’t take into account *against whom* those stats were racked up, whereas Beatpaths is well-positioned to do so.

  6. Benedict says:

    I accidentally stiubtmed that before appending the second comment:Tom, while I’m a fan of CHFF and (until this year) a regular forum poster, I’m not sure how much you can commend a specific stat (especially when it is merely an average of multiple other stats) when, outside its top five, playoff appearances are essentially randomly scattered among the remaining teams.

  7. Monica says:

    Jaguars back in 2008. This is a bugaboo that must be moorcvee for Pittsburgh to make it to the AFC Championship Game. Ravens vs. Steelers Point Spread: Steelers -3 points Ravens vs. Steelers Over-Under: 36

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