1. LoneRanger says:

    HAHA what an idiot.

    1. Chris Brown says:

      Yes, I may be an idiot, but I love my Texans. I don’t really have a reason except I live and die by the Texans performance every week, and when we go to Lucas Oil Stadium in February……….

      1. Lee in Central Texas says:

        Chris, I think that you are going to pull your inner Terry from the Mavericks and this will bring the title to Houston for the first time. Great tat and can’t wait to get one just like that next February.

    2. Byron Sinclair says:

      Lone Ranger,
      At least this man has the guts to show what he believes in. You haven’t met him but yet you comment on his intelligence. Not only that, you do it behind the curtain of the internet. Now that is a coward. I’d rather be a idiot than a coward any day. Knowing him personally I can guarantee that you wouldn’t say that to his face and if you did it would be last thing you would remember for a few days.

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