1. David says:

    That’s not entirely true, rdesioncing that most no-followed links are on forums and blogs. Only few web-masters actually use them for all outgoing links. Its unfortunate when they do, but thats their mistake. I wouldn’t personally link to someone i knew had a policy of not having outgoing links.Outgoing links will not harm a sites placement. The only reason why some would nofollow outgoing links, is to avoid losing pagerank.

  2. Allyson says:

    No follow links are good as well, all thngis be natural some will have no follow. I agreee get as many links as you can with good anchor text.

  3. Pabitra says:

    Hi! If you watch one of Matt’s earlier vioeds, you’ll see that Google no longer honors the no-follow’ tag. They follow links with nofollow too.

  4. Ngmptc says:

    Remarks similar to the types just rfoebe my very own are normally fantastic, yet I don’t agree granted the present cases. All those words are rather standard and are not conclusively suitable, but in general, just what was reported would make good sense.

  5. Reinaldo says:

    If the notion of biundilg natural links is the fact that, in googles eyes, the webmaster can’t create their own links without being penalized, and that other people must link to your site naturally because of such great content, then how the hell are people supposed to know about your awesome content if you don’t already rank in the SERPS?! Google doesn’t rank you #1 based on your great content, if they did then we wouldn’t need to be watching Matt give advice.

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