1. Jeremy Fain says:

    You are blind. Tennessee’s offensive line is head and shoulders above the Texans line, the Titans secondary is better, the running game is better (Foster will prove to be an aberration). Schaub has still not proven a thing and other than Andre Johnson, the receiving corps is sub-par. Homers like you have predicted the Texans to beat the Titans EVERY time in the past 5 years. They are still 13-5 all time and they will be lucky to split this year. Texans will lose in Nashville.

    1. Lance in Brenham, TX says:

      LOL to Jeremy! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Care to put some money where your mouth is?

    2. R.Stech says:

      Comment ?????

  2. Greg says:

    You guys don’t give the Texans not even 1 of their big games this year? Come on, I’m not saying this because I’m a fan but you guys are dead wrong!!!!!!

  3. dylan says:

    hey jeremy u sound so jealous u wish houston was ur team u suck and u are a loser for thinking whatever dog sh it came outta ur mouth go back to tennesee hillbilly texans will smash yall hahahaha

  4. Jim Bob Jones says:

    This guy is such a little goober.


  5. BigBob812 says:

    OK…I’m sick and tired of hearing that the Colts lost because Manning didn’t play! Excuse me but Inn’t Manning on the OFFENSE? Iv’e been a Houston fan since back when the Oilers played at Jepsen Stadium, and their star running back was a little guy named Charlie Tolar! It is our time. I watched the Cowboys game later last night, and it was a pure Defensive effort on both teams! Houston has a KILLER defense, and an Offense that we haven’t seen since the days of the “Tyler Rose”.

  6. joe bob says:

    did you honestly think the titans were going to roll over and not have a good team this year?? munchak ,jerry gray, defense number 1 in the league,,after 3 games i might go with a split,,home and home,,but no sweep like you predict,,we will see..i see a 10-6 season for both teams. tiebreaker>?

  7. Pratap says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine vniilg in poverty all that time, and after being laughed at by the city, giving it all to them! She left quite a legacy!

  8. Ayetullah says:

    budvb, I’ve seen Zeigeist, I’ve seen Alex Jones interview Peter Joseph and my csoiluocnn is that while Peter Joseph is intelligent and sincere, he has the idea that humans are not fundamentally programmed and therefor are only victims of their environment. This is a false concept IMHO. Alex Jones is a Texas anti gov guy who may be honest in his beliefs, but I feel that he is just trying to capitalize on a market of apathy and dissent. He makes predictions that don’t come true and then deletes.

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