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PENDERGAST: My Five Favorite Movies With Below 30 Percent Scores On Rotten Tomatoes

One of my favorite scenes in any season of “Hard Knocks” was during the Falcons’ season back in 2014, when assistant coach Bryan Cox is discussing the Academy Awards with a couple other Falcons. His lament? The academy doesn’t ever nominate movies that regular people like, like “The Hangover” or “Horrible Bosses”. I couldn’t agree […]


Sean Pendergast Thank You Note to Doug Marrone and Tom Coughlin

On behalf of the Houston Texans, and hell while we are at it, on behalf of the entire rest of the AFC South, thank you for inexplicably attaching your franchise’s fortunes to the haywire right arm of Blake Bortles.


PENDERGAST: Bob McNair Is Not Perfect, He’s Also Not Racist

To me, the worst part about the most recent demonstrations is that they were based on interpreting Bob McNair’s “inmates running the prison” as a literal description. For the record, McNair apologized and clarified that he wasn’t referring to the players as prisoners, but the league office setting policy without owner input, but that doesn’t even matter really. It doesn’t matter whom McNair was referring to as “prisoners” because taking a commonly used analogy literally, even in its butchered form, is absurd. 


3T – Sean Casey from MLB Network 9-20-17

Sean, Rich, and Ted talk with former MLB player and current MLB Network analyst Sean Casey.


3T – Former Texans Receiver David Anderson 9-19-17

Sean, Rich, and Ted talk with former Texans receiver David Anderson.


The Best of The Triple Threat 09-18-2017

The Best of The Triple Threat, from Monday 09-18-2017


The Best of The Triple Threat 09-13-2017

The Best of The Triple Threat, from Wednesday 09-13-2017


The Best of The Triple Threat 09-11-17

The Best of The Triple Threat, from Monday 09-11-17


3T – Fantasy Football Advice with Lisa Ann 9-8-17

Sean, Rich, and Ted get fantasy football advice from our fantasy football expert Lisa Ann ahead of the first weekend of the 2017 season.


3T – UH Coach Major Applewhite 9-7-17

Sean, Rich, and Ted talked with University of Houston football coach Major Applewhite.



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