Mike Meltser

MIKE MELTSERmeltser on headset Mike Meltser

What I do for 610: Co-host Morning show with Seth Payne. Previously hosted 10-11am hour and worked as the update anchor for Vandermeer and Lopez. I initially came here as the afternoon update anchor.

Age, birthday: March 14

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

College: Syracuse University

How long at SportsRadio 610: Since July, 2010

How long in radio business:  Professionally since Ma,y 2008

Coolest person at SR610: John Lopez

What I love about Houston:  Weather, lack of commuting (for me, anyway), very easy place to live overall

Favorite four-letter word: FAIR

Favorite players to interview: Andre Johnson, Shane Battier, Chris Myers

Teams followed: New York Jets, Syracuse University football/basketball, Michigan football/men’s basketball, USA National soccer team

Signature phrases or lines: Fair, solid, what a mess, I’m a debacle, what a disgrace, bad job

My favorite sports experiences:

  • Having the opportunity to be on Radio Row last year at the Super Bowl
  • Attending the 2005 Ohio State-Michigan game in Ann Arbor
  • Attending Game 6 of the 2000 ALCS at Yankee Stadium
  • Seeing the Big 3 of Miami last year at Toyota Center
  • Attending a couple of different Big East Tournaments at Madison Square Garden (2008, 2009, 2010)
  • Calling one of the biggest upsets (by point spread) in the history of CFB (Syracuse at Louisville 2007)
  • Doing a post-game call-in show in Madison Square Garden

Sports played, where, when, etc.: I swam for a couple of years on my high school team. There’s nothing like the feeling of being up on the blocks, ready for that horn to sound.

My family: Immediate family is my parents and sister, who attends a small liberal arts college in upstate New York (we clearly pick our colleges based on cold weather, haha)

More: I’ve had the chance to cover a couple of different sports markets. At Syracuse, you have a mix of NY-Boston-Philly, with a heavy focus on college sports, especially hoops. Doing radio work in Hartford, it was pretty concentrated on the NFL and college basketball. Being in Houston for 1.5 years, I’d say this is a very pro-sports, NFL-focused type of city.

Before CBS Radio, I had the chance to get experience working on the air at both ESPN Radio and Sirius-XM. It was a great chance to be on the campus at Bristol and to see how things get done on a national radio level. At XM, I enjoyed contributing to the NFL Radio channel. From a programming standpoint, it’s fascinating to me how you do a year-round sports talk format that’s exclusively focused on just one sport.

Mad Radio with Ed Too Tall Jones on Radio Row 2-4-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to NFL legend Ed “Too Tall” Jones about the Super Bowl matchup, the Texans playing in Mexico City, and what the Cowboys should do in the draft.


Mad Radio with Doug Farrar of SI 2-3-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to Doug Farrar of SI about the Texans, QB prospects, the Panthers offense, how the Broncos can get pressure, Chip Kelly, RG3 joining the Texans and more!


Mad Radio with NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice 2-3-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to the greatest wide receiver of all-time Jerry Rice about DeAndre Hopkins, the famous hill he use to run, playing in Oakland with Jon Gruden, and more!


Mad Radio with NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe 2-3-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to NFL Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe about John Elway’s decision to fire John Fox, what Owen Daniels does well, Gary Kubiak and the Super Bowl matchup.


Mad Radio with Bill Romanowski on Radio Row 2-3-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski about Gary Kubiak, John Elway, the Super Bowl matchup, and Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis trying to play with a broken arm.


Mad Radio With NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry 2-3-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry about how special the current run of the Golden State Warriors has been, what James Harden could do to improve, and Dwight Howard’s struggles with technical fouls.


Keo: Kubiak Has Lightened Up In Denver

I went down to the SAP Center in San Jose on Monday night to check out the NFL’s Opening Night media session. It was kind of a zoo (as most Super Bowl Media Days are), but I had a chance to catch up with current Broncos safety and former Texan Shiloh Keo. Since my phone conspired against me, the audio is not good enough to air. However, here were Shiloh’s best answers on Monday:


Mad Radio With Jay Feely on Radio Row 2-2-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to former NFL kicker Jay Feely about the big misses by Blair Walsh and Stephen Gostkowski in the NFL playoffs, how different coaches handle kickers, working on TV broadcasts, and more!


Mad Radio With Former Clemson and NFL Player Jim Stuckey 2-2-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to former Clemson and NFL player Jim Stuckey about DeAndre Hopkins, the talent Clemson has put out at wide receiver, the job Dabo Swinney has done, stories about Bob McNair, and more!


Mad Radio With Former NFL Player Leonard Marshall 2-2-2016

Mike and Seth Talk to former NFL player Leonard Marshall about his time with Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells and Romeo Crennel. Also, the comparison between J.J. Watt and other all-time great defensive players.




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