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Laurel D’Antoni on Mad Radio

One of Mad Radio’s favorites and one of the true difference-makers in the Houston community, Laurel D’Antoni, joins Mad Radio to discuss her husband Mike’s work with Chris Paul and James Harden this season, why she’s nervous heading into the playoffs, the great things about this Rockets team, her latest work in the community and the award she received, some things you didn’t know about the Rockets off the court and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 3-26

Today on Mad Radio: Bob McNair makes national headlines, again. Laurel D’Antoni is reunited with the guys to talk about her recent work in the community and the Houston Rockets inevitable 1-seed in the playoffs, Astros are three days away from starting the season, Ryan Griffin responds to Brian Gaine and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 3-23

Today on Mad Radio: Lamar Jackson works out with the Texans, Manziel gains momentum, Rockets win ugly, headline porn, Keep it real Fridays, Marc Vandermeer and Wade Smith’s Weekly Visit, Worst Take Of The Week and more.


Lance McCullers Jr. Says Jose Altuve Is Still A Bargain For The Astros And More During His Weekly Mad Radio Visit

Astros starting pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. joins Mad Radio for his weekly visit to discuss Jose Altuve’s new contract, the dominant pitching in the spring, the worst texter on the team, a teammate’s disagreement with a yoga instructor, Russell Wilson going to Yankees camp and much more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 3-22

Today on Mad Radio: One of Houston’s most hated athletes will be in town tonight for the first time since his altercation with the Rockets in Los Angeles. Mike and Seth discuss the hate of Blake Griffin and if it’s valid and his dating of the most basic of basic reality stars. Mad Radio discusses […]


Mad Radio Throwback AUDIO: College Coaches Gloating Over Local Athletes During Their College Days

Has a college coach ever spoken poorly about a stud player? It’s rare, but amidst a Mad Radio experiment to see what college coaches were saying about the best athletes in Houston during their college days the guys found an example of it. How much of a loves fest was there with the best athletes […]


The Best Of Mad Radio 3-21

Today on Mad Radio: John McClain, does he hate Seth Payne? McClain on what’s next for the Texans, the Rockets keep winning, but can’t win with the national media, Jim Crane’s new image, past college love fests, drinking the Kool Aid, Deshaun Watson, the PR savior and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 3-20

Today on Mad Radio: TrainWreck Tuesday, Tyrann Mathieu is introduced to Houston, Seth’s apologies, Mike’s Questions, Gaine’s early praise, Rockets running away and more.


The Best Of Mad Radio 3-19

Today on Mad Radio: Tyrann Mathieu from a football perspective, financial perspective and his unique journey to now. Jose Altuve gets paid, but what does it mean for the future of the Astros, Houston heartbreak, the Rockets are running away with the 1-seed and more.


Mad Radio And Vandermeer: The Moves The Texans Have Made, Need To Make And Should’ve Made

Mad Radio is joined by Marc Vandermeer to discuss the moves the Texans have made early in free agency, the moves they might make and the moves many people wish they would have made.



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