John P. Lopez

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What I do for 610: Co-host of In The Loop 10a-2p Weekdays. Conversationalist; writer; designated non-homer talker; required-reading blogger; observer of all things sports and otherwise; sharer of Forrest Gump-like experiences  I never deserved; author of two books (Taking Flak available at all major bookstores and online!) and connoisseur of barbecue, wine, fishing, tailgating, chilling by the pool and assorted other necessary activities.

Birthday: March 27.

Nickname: J-Lo; Chupacabra; Stallion

Hometown: San Antonio

College: Texas A&M. Thanks. And Gig ‘em.

High school: Edison High School

How long at SportsRadio 610: Three years

How long in radio business: Tinkerer for nearly 20. Seriously, six.

What I love about Houston: It’s eclectic, untamed, hard-working. Its food, proximity to the coast, energy in more ways than one.

Favorite four-letter word: I love them all equally.

Favorite people to interview: Legends. The all-time greats.

Experience: I covered some legends and all-time greats before they became legends and all-time greats.

Teams followed: All the locals, the Aggies, Liverpool FC, Kyle Busch, Atascocita and Humble High Schools, the Edison Golden Bears and anything USA.

Signature phrases:

  • Don’t borrow worry.
  • Trust your eyes.
  • Time is undefeated.
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Favorite sports experiences: Seriously, I’ve been one of the luckiest sports fans/writers/broadcasters ever. I’ve traveled the world following the bouncing ball and been fortunate to have seen some of the most epic sports events and people in the last quarter-century. I’ve been to seven Olympic Games, five World Cups and too many Final Fours, NBA Finals, Super Bowls, World Series, NCAA championships, Ryder Cups, Major Championships and unbelievable sports moments to count.

Sports played: Football, basketball, track and boxing in high school, in San Antonio. Baseball growing up. Golf forever.

Family: Three kids, lots of fun, lots of bills.

More: I love what I do for a living. Not many people fulfill their childhood dreams.

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