Chris Jones

Chris Jones

chris jones hard at work Chris Jones

What I do for 610:  Morning Show Producer, book guests, create the interview podcasts, run the board, keep the callers in line and basically hold the entire show together.  I am also the audio engineer for all Houston Texans games.

Birthday: March 19


Nicknames: Jonesy, Jones

Hometown: Philadelphia

College: The University of North Texas

How long at SportsRadio 610: 1997

How long in radio business: Since 1992

Coolest person at SR610:  John Lopez

What I love about Houston: The women, weather and the food

Favorite four-letter word:  DONE

Favorite people: Rick Pitino, Larry Bird and Pat Riley

Experience: I have worked in radio for almost 20 years and have experienced many, many memorable things and worked with some amazing, legendary talent.

Teams followed: All Philadelphia sports teams

Favorite sports experiences: Was at Nolan Ryan’s five thousand strikeout game, was at UNT’s first and only Bowl victory in the New Orleans Bowl and was at the Texans playoff clinching win inCincinnatiand the first two playoff games in Texans history

Sports played: Soccer and basketball through high school

More: I am truly blessed to work in a profession where it doesn’t feel like a job and I have fun everyday and everyday is a new challenge and heck I get to talk sports for a living.  Can’t beat that!

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John and Cody give their thoughts on Bill O’Brien’s comments on Tom Savage being the starter for the Texans   John and Cody give thier thoughs on standing for the national anthem.   John and Cody talk about the current Texans QB situation vs other QB situations in the NFL   John and Cody talk […]


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John and Cody talks to 3x Pro Bowler Tiki Barber joins and he give his thoughts on Deshaun Watson and the Texans.   John and Cody give their thoughts on Deshaun Watson first preseaon game.   John and Cody discussed on who looked better between Watson and Savage.   John and Cody talks to Derrick Klassen […]


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John and Cody give their expectations for the Texans 1st preseason game against the Panthers.   John and Cody give their prediction on how much Watson will play tonight vs the Panthers.   John and Cody discuss the QB competiton for the Texans.   John and Cody talk “What’s Trending”   John and Cody discuss […]


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John and Cody discuss Paul Gallant article on on his hopes for Texans.   John and Cody discuss Bill O’Brien’s comments on Nick Martin.   In What’s Trending, John and Cody discuss todays date..8-8 and what it means, HBO’s Hard Knocks with Jamis Winston and the Buccaneers, and Cody finds out why Big Ben […]


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John & Cody give the latest update on D’Onta Foreman   In The Loop give their thoughts on the arrest of D’Onta Foreman   Winning Weekend for Astros: John & Cody recap Astros weekend   What’s Trending: Passing gas gets man kicked off plane, ESPN will air O.J. parole hearing live, woman wins baseball game, […]


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Astros County James Joins the Show   John and Cody give their expectations on the Astros 2nd half of the season.   The Knicks put Carmelo Anthony trade on “Pause” The Houston Chronicle 10 List John’s “In The Loop” 10 List Cody’s “In The Loop” 10 List What’s Trending What’s Trending 2.0


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John and Cody discuss Paul Gallant comment on baseball being too boring   John and Cody discuss how baseball can be more exciting Richard Sherman thinks NFL players should strike for guaranteed money Could You Hear J.J. Watt Saying What Calvin Johnson Said? Courtney Roland joins In The Loop What’s Trending: Peyton Manning throwing shots […]


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John and Cody weigh in on the Mount Rushmore of different topics   Jarrod Johnson’s Mount Rushmore List   Denis Irwin joins the show. 2017 MLB All Star game recap   What’s Trending   The Pete Rose Debate


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John Lopez & Cody Stoots recap the Home Run Derby last night. Kevin Durant making it harder on the NBA? What’s Trending 7-11-17 John McClain joins the show Top 3 Impulse Items to buy



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