Impeachment trial: Trump team begins final day of argumentsDemocrats continue to push Republicans to allow new witnesses, particularly John Bolton.
Trump announces what he says is a "win-win" Middle East peace "vision"President Trump called his proposal a "realistic," "two-state" solution, but it will almost certainly be rejected by the Palestinians.
White House impeachment team on Bolton and "political repercussions""CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O'Donnell spoke to four impeachment defense surrogates, Representatives Mark Meadows, Doug Collins, Elise Stefanik and Debbie Lesko. They addressed the impeachment trial of President Trump, new claims surrounding John Bolton and whether Republicans could face "political repercussions" for breaking with the president.
Supreme Court allows controversial "public charge" immigration ruleThe Supreme Court has lifted a nationwide injunction against a policy targeting low-income immigrants. The "public charge" rule lets officials deny visas and green card applications from immigrants who rely -- or could rely -- on certain public benefits. CBS News immigration reporter Camilo Montoya Galvez joined CBSN to discuss the impact.
Drake University in Iowa holds "mock caucus" ahead of the real thingDrake University in Des Moines, Iowa held a "mock caucus" Tuesday night for college students. The exercise is designed to prepare young voters for how the process is supposed to work. The Iowa caucuses will be held on February 3. CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe was there.
Supreme Court greenlights "public charge" immigration ruleThe high court allowed U.S. officials to implement a sweeping rule that critics warn will shut America's doors to low-income immigrants and people of color. The merits of the case will continue to be argued in lower courts.