Stimulus Package Update: Why Testing Language Is Holding Up ChecksNegotiations on a second stimulus package are stalled, and language on testing and tracing is at least partly to blame.
Pete Buttigieg Warns U.S. Facing 'Crisis' In New Book, 'Trust': Confidence In Country At 'Emergency Levels'"The former presidential candidate discusses the 2020 Presidential Election, what a Joe Biden administration would look like and his new Simon & Schuster audiobook "Trust."
'Stimulus Checks Are The Least Important,' When Drafting Aid Package, Says EconomistA second stimulus package is unlikely by election day, but removing stimulus checks entirely would save money and could help the parties make a deal.
Stimulus Package Update: While Politicians Negotiate, Economic Damage ContinuesWith negotiations on a second round of stimulus ongoing, the chance of a package that can pass both the House and Senate seems remote.
Alexandra Pelosi On Showtime Documentary 'American Selfie: One Nation Shoots Itself': 'Social Media Is Destroying Our Democracy'The daughter of Nancy Pelosi discusses her new Showtime documentary about a year in the life of America and what it was like to document everything from COVID-19 to protests over the death of George Floyd.
'Legal Equalizer' App Helps People Know Their Rights, Safely Interact With Police: 'Accountability On All Sides For Everybody'The Founder and CEO of the Legal Equalizer app hopes that it will help to de-escalate situations between police and citizens by providing accountability on all sides.



Serinda Swan On Her Character Dr. Jenny Cooper In The CW's 'Coroner': 'The Humanity Seen In Jenny Is Really Resonating With People'The star of The CW show The Coroner discusses the journey her character Dr. Jenny Cooper is going through in Season 2 and why it's resonating with so many people in the current moment.
One Day At A Time Stars Rita Moreno, Isabella Gomez On Show's CBS Premiere: 'What's Really Special Is It Takes On Very Difficult Topics, But Does So With Enormous Heart And Soul'Two of the stars of "One Day At A Time" discuss what audiences can expect from Season 4 premiering tonight on CBS.
Cameron Britton On Playing Richard Jewell In Manhunt Deadly Games: 'Hopefully You're Reminded Of What A Hero Actually Is'The actor who plays Richard Jewell discusses what he wants audiences to take away from the series, why he took the role and what's next for him.
Jeff Daniels On Portraying Jim Comey For 'The Comey Rule': 'Here's Comey's Side Of The Story, Authentic''Jeff Daniels discusses playing former FBI director Jim Comey in the Showtime original 'The Comey Rule.'
'Jordan Peele Is A Very Unique Genius': Kylie Bunbury On CBS All Access's 'The Twilight Zone'The actor shares what it was like to enter the Twilight Zone and work with Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.
'We Need To Have Diverse Stories': Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine On Showtime's 'The Chi'The star of "The Chi" on Showtime discusses the many layers of his character Ronnie Davis and why this show is so important today with the conversations happening nationally about racial injustice.


Questions and concerns about voting and mail-in ballotsOn Wednesday, the Supreme Court declined to rule before the election on Pennsylvania's extended window for mail-in ballots to arrive. Rachel Glickhouse, from ProPublica's Electionland, spoke to "Red and Blue" host Elaine Quijano about the problems people have reported with voting so far.
Trump rally attendees stranded in the cold for hours in OmahaPolice said the last person was loaded into a bus from the site of the rally close to midnight, hours after it ended.
Jared Kushner told Bob Woodward Trump took the country "back from the doctors"Kushner also said his father-in-law "basically did a full hostile takeover of the Republican Party."
Millions of absentee ballots remain unreturned as election nearsAs Election Day looms, volunteers continue going door to door to reach the millions of voters who asked for a mail-in ballot, but have not returned it. Janet Shamlian reports.
Trump's coronavirus response takes center stage in final election pushWith less than a week left until Election Day, President Trump campaigned in Arizona, and continued arguing that the coronavirus — which is raging in record numbers across the country — was under control. Ed O'Keefe reports.
"The Deciders" preview: 2 young voters describe why guns are a big issue for themLauren Ethredge, 26, and Ramon Contreras, 21, describe why guns are a big issue for them heading into Election Day. "The Deciders," a CBS News special on America's changing electorate, airs Friday, October 30 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.