Texans Rookies Up For Mad Radio Adoption As MADUDFAGiven the scaled back practice schedule, NFL training camps have become more of a grind for the fans than the players themselves. Sure, we don’t subject ourselves to physical injury, but we pay full damned price for pre-season games that are about as meaningful as a Kardashian wedding. Those games can get pretty dull by the second half, so Mad Radio decided to pick an individual to root for when the starters are sneaking hot dogs on the sideline. We’re looking for a lovable underdog who is trying to beat the odds, so draft picks need not apply. Only undrafted rookie free agents are eligible to become the official Mad Radio Undrafted Free Agent (MADUFDA!)
SportsRadio 610 Houston Texans Season PredictionsEvery year before the season we ask everyone at the station what they think the Houston Texans record will be when the season ends. Here are the 2016 predictions from the staff at SportsRadio 610.
Houston Texans Preseason Week 2 Yearbook AwardsThe Texans looked pretty good Saturday night. Sure, it was only a pre-season game -- an utterly meaningless endeavor to the outside world. It probably doesn’t predict much about the future, but it matters intensely to those of us in the thick of it. It’s exactly like high school. So in the spirit of high school, here are the Preseason Week 2 Superlatives.
Christian Covington: Making Or Missing The CutWhen the Texans drafted Christian Covington last year, my first thought was that he didn’t quite fit the mold of a 3-4 defensive lineman. At the time, he was 6’2”, 289 lbs. That’s a sturdy human being, but it’s not quite heavy enough to be a 3-4 nose tackle, and not quite tall enough to be a 3-4 defensive end. He looked a whole lot like a 4-3 defensive tackle.
Seth Payne's Guide To Not Becoming A Fat P.O.S. On VacationVacations are to be enjoyed, and a little bit of gluttony is probably a good thing, but there’s also something to be said for not loathing yourself as you slump over at your desk the Monday you get back. One common theme you’re going to notice with a lot of these tips is that a tiny bit of preparation makes it a lot easier to make the right choices.
[WATCH] Fan Storms Field At Astros Game In Weird Tank TopIn the bottom of the fourth inning of the Astros game yesterday, a person holding an American flag stormed the field. I consulted a few people, and at this point, we're pretty sure it was a man. Many observers initially thought it was a woman, but that may have been because he was wearing a two-tone tank top that gave the impression of a tube top. So many questions: Was this an act of defiance or patriotism? Did he confuse June 4th with July 4th? Why did he seemingly give himself up, only to get up and run again? Have we given enough credit to the fans who brilliantly started the "USA--USA--USA" chant?
WATCH: Singing With Seth - "Rick Smith Is Never Getting Fired"We decided to take some of the best parts of Seth Payne's Rick Smith rant, throw a beat underneath Seth and Mike and make a quick little song that we've dubbed "Rick Smith Is Never Getting Fired."
[WATCH] Seth Payne Rant On Rick SmithDuring Thursday's Show Seth Payne was not happy with a question from a caller about Rick Smith not taking blame for the Texans season. It's five minutes of pure awesomeness.