Rodney Atkins has successfully won three weeks of Artist Picks this season by getting 12 correct picks each time! His latest victim? Corey Smith.  Smith got a very respectable 11 correct picks.  So the two are going head-to-head again this week.  Corey is looking to beat Rodney once and for all and Rodney – although a superstar – was still knocked off the leaderboard by  Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley in week 15 when Brian got a whopping 13 correct picks. So this is everyone’s last week to redeem themselves!  Good luck! Do you think Rodney can do it?

And as you map out your 2013, take a look at the upcoming tour dates for Corey Smith’s.  After his New Year’s Eve Show, the singer will start out on the road again starting mid-January.  Or, if you can’t make it out to see him in person, pick up a copy of his Live in Chattanooga album release which brings fans his set from the legendary Track 29 venue in Chattanooga and features favorites like “The Good Life,” “Party” and “I Can’t Help Myself.”  

Rodney is also planning his outings for 2013.  If you don’t get to swing by Nashville at the top of the year for his January 5th set at the famed Grand Ole Opry then plan for a trip out to Indio, California in April to catch his set at the famed Stagecoach Festival.  He’ll be playing night number two along with Dierks Bentley and Lady A.  And look out for updates to come on Rodney’s follow-up to 2011’s  Take A Back Road featuring the hit single of the same name.

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