BOSTON (CBS) – A unique condo is up for sale in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, but prospective buyers will need an open mind about its open concept.

The main bathroom on the first floor at 302 South Street #2 does not have doors or walls around the toilet. The shower is enclosed, but in clear glass.

The open-concept bathroom on the first floor. (Photo Credit: Boston Trust Realty Group)

If that’s not unique enough, the bathroom also offers an open view of South Street.

A straight-ahead shot of the first floor bathroom. (Photo Credit: Boston Trust Realty Group)

When listing agent Robert Nichols of Boston Trust Realty Group saw it for the first time, he says he was shocked.

“I think that the majority of us, it’s just not the right fit,” Nichols told WBZ-TV. “But yeah, I’m still holding out hope there is one person out there, because all we need is one buyer who prefers it this way and is willing to put their money behind it and embrace the freedom that comes with being able to poop out in the open.”

The 2,001-square foot space has four bedrooms and three bathrooms (the other two have walls and doors). And despite its quirks, it is currently listed at just under $900,000.

A posting of the home gained a lot of traction on the popular Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild, where commenters had a lot of fun with the unique listing.

One commenter wrote, “I went to this open house because it’s in my neighborhood and I HAD to go see it.”

Another commenter joked, “Perfect!! Hubby always heads to the bathroom when touchy subjects come up in conversation. I mean, I follow him and keep talking to him anyway. The thing is that he then flips on the vent fan. Kind of hard to keep talking at him when he’s constantly yelling “ I can’t hear you!” Over and over. In this house he would have no where to hide.”

According to the Zillow listing, the house went into foreclosure in late January. It last sold for $418,000 in May 2019.