ROSE HILL, Kan. (CBS Local) — Imagine looking into your couch for something you dropped and finding a six foot boa constrictor under a cushion.

That’s what happened to Justin Bailey in Rose Hill, Kansas, on Monday morning.

“I was looking for my keys, so I figured they slipped through the couch cushions and so when I moved them, there is a giant brown snake,” Bailey told a 911 dispatcher.

“Eww,” the dispatcher responded.

Melvin Linot, a volunteer firefighter who happens to love snakes, was brought in to help.

“I messed with him a little bit and I took my gloves off and you could handle him real easy,” he told CBS affiliate KWCH. “He was very gentle, very docile.”

“He was very comfortable with it. Just grabbed it by the midsection and walked backwards with it,” said Lt. Taylor Parlier of the Rose Hill Police Department.

Police have no idea how the snake got into the couch. They suspect it belongs to somebody else in the neighborhood.

The red-tailed boa constrictor is currently in the care of at a local pet shop until somebody comes forward or they figure out what to do with him.

If nobody claims the snake, it will probably be adopted by a local program that travels to school teaching kids about reptiles.