SANTEE, Calif. (CBS Local) — A California woman says she believes the image of her late father appears in an ultrasound scan of her unborn child.

Shantel Carrillo of Santee says when the ultrasound of her unborn daughter is placed side-by-side with a photo of her father, Charles, who died in 2016, the profiles are eerily similar.

“You could see his chin right here,” Carillo told CBS affiliate KFMB, pointing to the ultrasound image. “That’s his nose and that’s where his little cheek would be. And that’s the bill of his hat.”

Carrillo says she didn’t notice the shape of her father’s face next to her unborn child’s until she shared the ultrasound on Facebook and other family members weighed in.

“People were messaging me saying ‘it looks like somebody’s kissing your baby’ and then people that actually knew my dad were like ‘that looks like Chuck, that looks your dad, oh my gosh it looks like your dad,'” Carrillo said.

“And then I started looking at it and I found a picture of my dad holding my first daughter and it’s like the exact same thing, it’s crazy,” she continued.

This will be Carrillo’s second child. She is due in April.