(CBS Local)– Captain Maya Dobbins is the perfect character for Anna Wood to be playing at this point in her life.

The co-star of the new CBS drama “The Code” recently had a daughter and she loves playing a woman that can be a role model for little girls everywhere. Captain Dobbins is a woman that no one messes with and Wood is all about that.

“This is my first big job back after having my kid,” said Wood in an interview with CBS Local. “So, I decided that I was ready to go back to work, but it was a hard decision. This one came up and I’m friends with Marc Webb. My husband had worked with him prior on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ I really liked the material and I really like this character… She goes about her business and does her best work. She is a perfectionist. She considers herself among, if not the best in the room.”

“The Code” tells the story of the brightest minds of the military as they try to tackle some of the toughest legal issues facing the U.S. Marine Corps. While the military has been a male-dominated world for decades, Wood’s character doesn’t care about any of that.

“I like getting down and getting in the ring with the boys. I feel like I function really well in that world,” said Wood. “The military is interesting because it is largely built on the idea that women don’t fight in general. What is cool about this show is that Maya doesn’t take that into consideration at all. She is aware that it used to be the mindset, but it’s not her mindset.”

Wood loves playing characters like this because it allows her to tap into part of her own personality on set. She also had the opportunity to do this when she appeared in an episode of “Mad Men” during the show’s final season.

“I’m most proud of this show because it’s the strongest person I’ve gotten to play so far,” said Wood. “I’m also attempting how to balance motherhood and work life, which is really hard, but it makes me feel so proud and accomplished. I really loved my one episode on ‘Mad Men.’ It was a very atypical guest star for a woman on ‘Mad Men’ and it was such an important show to be on at the time. I was so different than most of the girls on the show and I loved it because it was the first job where I could embrace my weirdness a little bit.”

Watch “The Code” tonight on CBS at 9pm EST/PST.