HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM) – During an exclusive interview with CBS 11, President Donald Trump spoke about his relationship with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and revealed the new name he has for him.

The President flew to Texas Monday, where he held a rally for Cruz before 18,000 fans inside the Toyota Center in downtown Houston.

Cruz is in a close race against Democrat Beto O’Rourke, and has recently increased his lead in the polls to an average of seven percent.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has previously said he went to Washington, D.C. this summer to request the President help Cruz and Republicans get out the vote.

The President said he was not surprised by the request to come to conservative Texas. “No, because I’d do it anyway. He’s going to do well. I think Ted is going to do well.”

After Cruz introduced the President, the two embraced onstage.

After a bitter, nasty fight during the 2016 Presidential primary, the President told the crowd he and Cruz buried the hatchet. “The people of Texas are going to re-elect a man who has become a really good friend of mine. You know we had our little difficulties right?”

Last week during their second debate, O’Rourke repeated a name the President had for Cruz two years ago.

When asked what he thought of Democrats repeating his 2016 tweets about Senator Cruz and calling him “Lyin’ Ted,” the President said, “Well, now I call him ‘Texas Ted.’ I call him ‘Texas Ted’. Look, it’s all fun.”

President Donald Trump speaks with Jack Fink (CBS11)

In recent weeks, President Trump has increased his attacks against O’Rourke.

During the rally the President told the crowd that O’Rourke is “Actually an open borders left-winger, that’s what he is.”

Congressman O’Rourke said last week he thinks there’s enough evidence out for the House to impeach the President.

In response the President said, “He’s a lightweight. He shouldn’t even be running in my opinion. Now, they’re talking about impeaching (Justice Brett) Kavanaugh, they want to impeach everybody. They’re not going to impeach anyone.”

We reached out to Congressman O’Rourke’s campaign about the President’s comments, but we didn’t hear back.

The President predicted Republicans would increase their majority in the Senate, and also said “I think we have a really good chance of holding the House.”

But the polls suggest the Democrats will retake the House.