(CBS Local)– The Food and Drug Administration released a statement on its website Friday about a noise aversion drug called Sileo that is causing dogs to accidentally overdose.

Sileo is a drug given to dogs to treat noise aversion or signs related to anxiety. Zoetis, the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for animals, began marketing the drug in May 2016. The FDA reportedly became aware of issues with the drug in 2017, but the problems continued.

“In 2017, after becoming aware of the adverse events related to ring-stop locking issues, the FDA asked Zoetis to revise its labeling to better emphasize the need to secure the ring-stop mechanism to prevent overdose. This revised labeling is now in use. Zoetis has also provided enhanced training videos on its website to help veterinarians teach owners and handlers how to properly handle and administer Sileo.” said the FDA in a written statement on its website.

The FDA received 26 additional reports of overdoses after contacting the American Drug Safety Commission on the issue. The FDA is reissuing a warning since the problem continues to persist. The agency say it will continue to reach out to veterinarians about how to avoid overdoses.