By Cody Stoots

ORLANDO – Texans owner Bob McNair made clear Sunday he doesn’t believe players should make their political stances known on the football field.

According to the Washington Post McNair also said the field is “not the place for religious statements. That’s the place for football.”

He also told the Post the team has a handbook stating players should be present and standing during the anthem with their helmet in their left hands.

Last October McNair’s comments in a meeting with fellow owners were reported by ESPN where he said “we can’t have the inmates running the prison.” Two statements followed after the ESPN report with McNair saying he regretted using the figure of speech and wasn’t referring to the player but the relationship between the league office and the owners.

A Houston Chronicle column previously reported a rumor the Texans would be steering away from players who had demonstrated or planned to demonstrate during the national anthem. The Texans denied that report. 

Later, the team’s general manager, Brian Gaine, said it wasn’t a factor in their pursuit of free agents. 

Recently McNair was deposed in relation to the lawsuit against the NFL by former player Colin Kaepernick.

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