Sean, Rich, and Ted open the show talking about the Rockets defeating the Blazers, and James Harden cementing his MVP resume.


Advice in love, work, and life in general. Sean, Rich, Ted, and Laura Reynolds help out listeners on the text line every Wednesday during Damn Straight Advice.


Stupid people, doing stupid things. Sean, Rich, and Ted mock them every day during All Due Respect. Today those stories include a dog owner who attacked another dog owner with a tennis ball launcher.


Ted Johnson’s former teammate with the Patriots, and current NFL Network analyst, Willie McGinest joined the Triple Threat to talk about Tyrann Mathieu, Deshaun Watson, the state of the Patriots, and more.


Sean, Rich, and Ted were joined by John Harris from Texans Radio to talk about Sam Darnold’s pro day at USC, new Texans safety Tyrann Mathieu, the state of the Texans offensive line, and more.