By Ryan McCredden

As of March 21st the Rockets are 4 games up on the Warriors.  James Harden has all but clinched the MVP.  We are all looking forward to some Rockets playoff basketball.  However, we all have to wait until April 14th to see that.

Yes, the Rockets have 11 regular season games left with 8 of them at home.  So in theory the team that has lost 14 games all year, could lose those 11 games and fall to the number 2 seed.  But that seems unlikely.

Instead, we have to wait and hold our breath hoping we don’t see Harden or Paul grab a knee or ankle.  That is really the only intrigue left when it comes to this regular season.  The fear of injury.

82 games are too many.  7 months of regular season is too long.  If the NBA insists on starting in October they either need to cut games or take away days off so we can get to the playoffs faster.   Cause 3 more weeks and 11 more games to find out who the Rockets and Raptors get to crush in the first round as teams fight for the 8 seed is brutal.

What would be even better, is if we were only half way through the NBA season right now.

The Rockets season started October 17 at the Golden State Warriors.  It was great.  They won 122-121!  The hardcore Rockets fans reading this fully remember that game.  The casual Rockets fan was in the middle of Astros playoffs, 6 weeks into the Texans season and 7 weeks into CFB.  Yet that is when they started.

The best season the NBA ever had was the lockout season.  When games started on Christmas Day.  Baseball was done.  Football was only relevant in 12 cities.  We got 66 games in 4 months.  Glorious.

This is when the NBA needs to start every year.  Merry Christmas!  Play 70 games from Dec 25-May 25.  Five months of regular season not seven.

Then the NBA can have their playoffs own the summer.  They can even keep 16 teams and keep them all at 7 game series.  Not a big fan of that.  But they could.  Cause they will be the best game going.  The NBA playoffs are then taking place from Memorial Day till the final week of July.  The dog days of summer.  When baseball is in game 100 or so and before anybody is really thinking about the NFL.  I mean who doesn’t want to go sit in the A/C of Toyota Center in July to watch the Rockets in the playoffs!

When the NBA season is over it will have taken 9 months and hopefully will end with another Houston Championship.  But the NBA could get this down to 7 months and Houston could still hold the same trophy as we also get ready for another Astros playoff run, and the start of a Texans season with Watson, Hopkins, Watt, Clowney and Mathieu ready for their own magic.

Until that happens, see you in June.


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