Paul Bessire from joined Sean, Rich, and Ted to talk about the NCAA Tournament brackets, favorite sleepers, most likely Final Four, and more!


John McClain joined Sean, Rich, and Ted to talk about the two signings made by the Texans during free agency today.


Stupid people, doing stupid things. Sean, Rich, and Ted mock them every day during All Due Respect. Today that includes a woman who got arrested for driving drunk on the way to her wedding. Yikes.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talked about moves in the NFL including Case Keenum to the Broncos, Kirk Cousins to the Vikings, and the Texans signing corner Aaron Colvin from the Jaguars.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk with former Texans receiver David Anderson every Tuesday. Today that includes talk about moving Kareem Jackson to safety after the signing of Aaron Colvin, what makes a good slot corner or receiver compared to playing on the outside, and more.