Houston (SPORTSRADIO 610) – The Astros visited the White House to celebrate their 2017 World Series Championship. A few players were not present, including Carlos Correa and Carlos Beltran. Outfielder Josh Reddick presented President Donald Trump with his own honorary Astros jersey.

“To Jim Crane, General Manager Jeff Luhnow, President Reid Ryan, skipper A.J. Hinch… and all of the players and staff, congratulations on your incredible victory,” President Trump said. “After the devastating Hurricane Harvey, incredible with what you went through, that you’re the champions.”

The President also took a moment to thank the Astros for their efforts in the hurricane recovery, and also the first responders who were in attendance at the White House.

“You were Houston Strong. I also want to thank some of the heroes of Hurricane Harvey who join us today, including members of the incredible Cajun Navy,” President Trump said. “And I want to thank every member of the Astros team who spent time with those displaced in shelters. You held food and supply drives all over Texas and beyond, and gave millions and millions of dollars of your salaries.”

Astros Owner Jim Crane also spoke and appreciated that the president acknowledged the recovery work done in Houston and all around Texas.

“I want to thank you very much for acknowledging the efforts in the state, a lot of great people in Texas,” Jim said. “It was a very special season with all that was going on. The team pulled together very well, they came back from the storm, they put ‘Houston Strong’ on their shirts, and came back and started helping right away.”

Astros Manager A.J. Hinch spoke and thanked President Trump for welcoming them to the White House.

“We are honored to be here. As the champions in Major League Baseball, we’ll represent baseball well, we try to represent the country well, and to celebrate this in front of the whole country is truly an honor,” A.J. said.