Today on Mad Radio: Bob McNair has all the solutions, Wade Smith’s weekly visit, Worst Take Of The Week, What’s On Tap, decreasing Rockets interest, Landry Likes, Robert Kraft is NOT the father, KIR Fridays, the lowest point in station history and more.

Mad Radio discusses what old man habits they have in the spirit of some of the criticism James Harden is getting for his viral move Wednesday night.

Mad Radio reacts to the news that Patriots creepy owner Robert Kraft is NOT the father of his girlfriend’s child.

Mad Radio reacts to potentially the lowest point in SportsRadio 610 history, the ITL food obsession and veggie draft.

Mad Radio reacts to the significant decrease in TV viewing of the 1st place Houston Rockets. Why is this the case? Harvey? Astros World Series? Texans sucking? The guys discuss.

Mad Radio asks unfiltered questions to each other about their personal lives.

Mike Meltser watched the classic movie Trading Places, reacts to it and discusses what he thought of it.

Texans owner Bob McNair spoke about the disappointing 2017 season for the Texans, their high hopes in 2018 and plans this offseason. Mad Radio reacts to McNair’s comments and outlook of the organization.

Mike Meltser continues his Worst Take Of The Week dominance with a decisive win for lack of a grasp of headline porn.

Wade Smith joins Mad Radio to elabarate on his recent breakdown of the Texans offensive line and more.

Wade Smith joins Mad Radio for his weekly visit to breakdown the hot topics and Landry Likes including a Texans target, movies, a tuna recipe and more


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