1. I am not a fan of the word “bae” and its ubiquitous usage in social media these days.
  2. Thursday Night Football should be reserved for special occasions like Thanksgiving Day, not a weekly feature during the NFL’s regular season.
  3. Getting rid of fighting in hockey is preposterous.
  4. Objectively, baseball pitchers intentionally throwing at hitters to retaliate shouldn’t be right. I think it is a core component of baseball. If the other team is consistently attacking your hitters and/or brushing them back, how else can you respond in a forceful manner?
  5. In-game hyjinks at basketball arenas and baseball stadiums bother me. Let me relax in between innings or during a timeout. Let me sit and think about the game. Do not bombard my senses with loud noises and random games.
  6. The basketball court at Oregonis ridiculous and should be banned.
  7. Courtesy of show friend Matt Jackson, who reminded me of this: I despise new uniforms in historic rivalry games. Compare Ohio State vs. Michigan in 1997to Ohio State vs. Michigan in 2017. How could anyone possibly prefer the 2017 version? Disgrace.
  8. The best college basketball tournament ever was the old Big East at Madison Square Garden. None of these newfangled conferences can compete.
  9. The Wave is a disgrace and a fraudulent activity. How can anyone be into this?
  10. I’m not a fan of TNT doing “Player’s Only” broadcasts during NBA games. There’s a reason why play-by-play guys are trained in their roles. When you remove the traditional PBP broadcaster, you bring down the level of the player who will be trying to do it in his place. ​

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