Sean, Rich, and Ted did fake live read endorsements for products they found out about 10 seconds prior to starting. The highlight of the 610 Combine.


During the 610 Combine, Sean, Rich, and Ted were each given random topics to cut a 40 second hot take about. Sean did pretty well, but Rich ended up just reading the Wikipedia page. Hear it for yourself.


During the 610 Combine, Sean, Rich, and Ted had to write tweets quickly using one random word that they didn’t know the definition for; some did better than others. Not many 1st round grades were handed out.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talked with John Harris from Texans Radio about prospects for the upcoming NFL Draft, live from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about the Rockets win streak and a return trip to play the Clippers, a team they’ve lost to twice this season, and the site of the famous locker room invasion.


Help with love, work, and life in general. Sean, Rich, Ted, and Laura Reynolds help out listeners on the text line every Wednesday during Damn Straight Advice.


Stupid people, doing stupid things. Sean, Rich, and Ted mock them everyday during All Due Respect.



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