Today on Mad Radio: The teams in Houston are good and lucky, potentially cuttting Lamar Miller,  JJ Watt headline porn, Mike’s hater, the right way to leave a party and attend a funeral, power ranking the days of the week and more.

Mad Radio returns from the weekend to another Rockets W, a new Seth look, more Mike adventures and more.

Could Lamar Miller be released? There are some misleading Texans headlines floating around town, Mike and Seth react. Plus, Mike has a powerful person in his life who apparently hates him and tried to call him out on social media a few years back.

Mad Radio discusses the appropriate protocol for attending funerals, leaving parties and more.

Mad Radio discusses the recent run of luck in Houston in regards to the Rockets, Astros and Texans.

JJ Watt is cancelling his charity softball game this year, which leads to a game of headline porn on Mad Radio and Mike Meltser’s confusion over a pretty simple concept.

Mad Radio breaksdown the status of Lamar Miller as a Texan, his use by Bill O’Brien, potentially cutting him and potentially upgrading the position.

Mad Takes: The Dirtiest Player In The NBA, Peeing On Elevators And More


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