By Landry Locker

Sports movies are known for their heroes, but every once in a while there’s a guy in a sports movie that you find yourself rooting against. Here are the five biggest weasel characters in sports movies according to SportsRadio 610’s Landry Locker.

No. 5: Shoeless Joe Jackson In Field Of Dreams (Played by Ray Liotta)

There are a lot of things in life I will never understand and Field Of Dreams being considered a classic is near the top of the list.

In my opinion, Field Of Dreams is the most overrated sports movie of All-Time. It’s overly dramatic, extremely dry and borderline creepy. The only thing that keeps me awake when watching it is the theatrical music that plays during the awkward scenes.

Shoeless Joe Jackson is the creepiest character in the movie and as soon as he emerges from that cornfield I get an uneasy feeling. His dialogue is awkward, he doesn’t look like a real ballplayer and did I mention he emerges from a cornfield?

No. 4: Ollie In Hoosiers (Played by Wade Schenck)

Hoosiers is one of the best sports movies ever, but Ollie had no business stepping onto the court and if he was going to step onto the court it should have been in mop-up duty, not to win a big game. Jimmy Chitwood is a legend, Shooter was a sympathetic character with a legendary basketball mind, but Ollie was a weasel.

No. 3: That Eagles Receiver In Invincible (Played by Mark Wahlberg)

Mark Wahlberg has had a successful acting career, but he’s epically bad in sports movies. He was a part of the worst on-court movie action ever (even ahead of Air Bud) in Basketball Diaries and his portrayal of some Eagles receiver in Invincible was just as bad.

No. 2: Willie Mays Hayes In Major League Two

Wesley Snipes put on an EPIC performance as Willie Mays Hayes in Major League, but in Major League 2 Hayes was played by Omar Epps and it was a more extreme, traumatic version of the Aunt Viv transition in Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

The original Hayes was a man of the people, but the second was a soft, delusional Hollywood diva played by an inferior actor. Forcing me to accept the Hayes transition as if nothing ever happened is one of the most traumatic experiences of my sports movie watching life.

No. 1: Rudy In Rudy (Played by Sean Astin)

Question: You know why Joe Montana is one of my favorite quarterbacks ever?

Answer: Because the former Notre Dame teammate of the real Rudy set the record straight on the glorified practice hero.

Every time I watch Rudy I root against him despite the fact that I know the end result of the movie. If they made an alternate ending of the movie Rudy I would be the first one in line at the box office like an avid Star Wars fan on opening night.

Rudy is unbearable, I cannot believe that girl dated him and that guy gave him a job, but the most unrealistic part f the movie is when the whole team throws their jerseys on the coaches desk and threaten not to play against Georgia Tech.

Even the great Marc Vandermeer is rubbed the wrong way by Rudy’s character in the movie.

Rudy is the Michael Jordan of weasels.

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