Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about the Texans releasing Brian Cushing, if Cushing will retire or continue to play, and they debated if the Texans will put him in their Ring of Honor.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talked with former Texans receiver David Anderson about his former teammate Brian Cushing getting released, Johnny Manziel making a comeback, the available QBs in the NFL, and more.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talked about Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles, and this year’s group of available quarterbacks in the NFL.


Sean, Rich, and Ted mocked stupid people, who did stupid things during All Due Respect. Stories included a woman who went too far to get free food, though we don’t totally blame her.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talked about the Astros being hungry to repeat going into Spring Training, how many players made the MLB Top 100 Players list, and more.