Sean and Ted react to the results of the 610 draft that saw the two of them selected first and second overall.


Sean and Ted discuss an article that lists possible big name cap casualties in the NFL, and if the Texans should target any of them if they get released.


Our draft expert John Harris joined Sean and Ted to give his detailed breakdown of the 610 draft.


Sean and Ted mocked stupid people, who did stupid things during All Due Respect. Stories include idiots touching hot stoves, and a 7-11 customer smacking a cashier in the face with a sandwich.


Sean and Ted discussed the story about the FBI probe into college basketball, and the blue blood programs it could impact.


Sean and Ted talked with John McClain from the Houston Chronicle about what Duane Brown had to say on Arian Foster’s podcast, the Colts hiring Frank Reich, and Johnny Manziel playing in the spring league.



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