By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Comfort in Gaine, Draft Profiles leading up to the 610 Draft, the 610 Draft and splitting of the show, Five burning Astros Questions, What’s On Tap, Seth apologizes top everyone he has ever offended, the Rockets have changed Mike’s mind and more.

Four SportsRadio 610 listeners participate in an open draft with the entire draft to put together next Wednesday’s lineup.


Mad Radio starts Friday off with Mike talking about life without Rick Smith, Jennifer Aniston’s dating life and Seth dropping the S-word on the air, TGIF!

Mad Radio analyzes Sean’s five burning Astros questions and listens to the draft profiles of Sean and Ted Johnson.

Houstonians had strong takes about Duane Brown and Mad Radio reacts to some of the comments. Plus, E and John Lopez draft profiles in anticipation of the SportsRadio 610 Draft.

Mike Meltser is intrigued by an NFL storyline that could have a significant impact on the offseason. Plus, John McClain and Mario Parks draft profiles.

Seth Payne apologizes to all of the people he has ever offended, the Dodgers discuss the regrets they have from the 2017 World Series and a Paul Gallant draft profile.

Mad Radio discusses the immediate comfort with Brian Gaine, Seth gives an Olympic update and Jonesee and Ryan Rockett draft profiles.

Mad Radio listens to their harsh draft profiles and then tells everyone What’s On Tap this weekend withthe help of Ramon Ayala.


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