By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Duane Brown sounds off on the Texans as an organization, Justin Verlander sounds off on media types doubting the Astros, the Rockets take over first place, Worst Take of the Week Nominees and more.

Mad Radio reacts to Duane Brown’s recent comments about the Texans organization on Arian Foster’s podcast and just how silly Rick Smith and some members of the media look during Brown’s holdout last season.

Mad Radio breaksdown Duane Brown’s allegations against the organization involving the mistreatment of legends and Bob McNair’s strange behavior and the Rockets take over first place in the Western Conference standings heading into the NBA All Star Break.

Mad Radio reacts to the war of words between Justin Verlander and a national member of the media and Dallas Keuchel’s contract negotiation deadline.

Mad Radio reacts to an outlandish breakdown of the Rockets from a blowhard member of the media and Rick Smith’s strange comments during Duane Brown’s holdout that led to the ugly divorce between Brown and the organization.

Marc Vandermeer joins Mad Radio for his weekly visit to discuss Duane Brown’s comments about Rick Smith, Bob McNair and his alleged shot at JJ Watt.

Mad Radio discusses the free agent wish list for the Texans and who they should want to be the backup to Deshaun Watson.

Marc Vandermeer Joins Mad Radio For Mad Takes

The BEST Worst Take Of The Week Ever 2-15: Melts Vs Seth. Seth forgets cow stuff, Mike’s guarantee and stomach ache compared to divorce.


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