By Edward Gilliard

Seth and Landry (No Mike) open the show up talking about Mike being out sick with the flu, Seth’s dinner at Grazia, MJ flu game, and more.


Seth and Landry talk Astros roster and some of the biggest concerns for the team to repeat as World Series Champs.


Seth and Landry name players they love and hate.


Seth and Landry discuss Texans 4-12 season, Rockets game 6 loss, and how DeShaun Watson injury was bad for the Astros.


According to Manziel, he went to a rehab facility in Cleveland for three months and “learned a great blueprint” in order to acclimate himself back into the real world. “The thing I’ve done mostly in the last year and a half or two years is go to more therapy,”


Trainwreck Tuesday 2-13-18

Mike’s Baker Mayfield guarantee yesterday.

Taz relates to LeBron James again…

Goose Gossage rant in 1982

Tommy Lasorda


Gary Sanchez lost 20 pounds in the offseason to improve his fielding. Some people say he’s the better hitter than Judge, it will be interesting to see what the 25-year-old looks like and plays like when he’s skinnier.


Seth Payne translate 21 Savage Bank Account and Post Malone Congratulations song.


Seth and Landry chat with Brian Mctaggert and talked Astros, Yankees, and more baseball



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