Sean and Ted talked with the Astros top pitching prospect, Forrest Whitley, from the Tristar Show about life in the minor leagues, what he wants to learn from guys like Justin Verlander during Spring Training, and more.


Sean and Ted discussed which quarterbacks are the next to get paid the highest salary in football, like what the 49ers just gave Jimmy Garoppolo.


Sean and Ted talked about the announcement of the Houston Sports Hall of Fame, and which famous athletes could be the next to be inducted.


Sean and Ted talked with Hoops Critic, Brian Geltzeiler, about the NBA trade deadline, LeBron James, the Rockets, and more.


Sean and Ted talked about Boston reporter Ron Borges, who was allegedly tricked by a fan pretending to be Tom Brady’s agent last night and was fed a fake news story.


Sean and Ted mocked stupid people, who did stupid things during All Due Respect. Stories include a woman who snuck an impressive amount of drugs into jail by hiding them in her fake hair.