By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Wrapping up Radio Row in Minnesota, kissing your kid on the lips, 39 keys to the Super Bowl, Doug Flutie, Todd McShay, Boomer Esiason, Greg Cosell and more.

Mad Radio kicks off the final day of broadcasts LIVE from Radio Row and Mike turns a loose assignment into a display of sports nerdom.

Deshaun Watson attempted to seel LeBron James on the city of Houston and James Harden led to Rockets to another win over the Spurs.

Mad Radio reacts to the video of Tom Brady kissing his son for an extended period of time.

Doug Flutie joins Mad Radio to discuss the time he made Seth look bad during their playing days, Deshaun Watson and Johnny Manziel.

NFL Draft expert Todd McShay joins Mad Radio to discuss potential targets for the Texans heading into a draft in which they don’t have a pick in the first two rounds.

Prototypical Radio Row interviews can be draining at times. Mad Radio reacts to and enjoys an epic, awkward moment that took place Thursday on In The Loop with Cody Stoots.

John McClain visits with Mad Radio two days after his strong opinion about their lack of professionalism to try to bury bury any potential hatchets.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films joins Mad Radio to discuss Deshaun Watson, J.D. Clowney, DeAndre Hopkins, what is wrong with Kevin Johnson and more.

Boomer Esiason On Les Alexander, Texans And More


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