By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Day 4 LIVE from Radio Row, revisiting Deshaun Watson on Mad Radio Vol. 2, looking back on day three, Daryl Johnston, McClain is mad at Mad, Miss America, Super Bowl hype and allowing a co-worker five minutes to shine in his comfort zone.

Mad Radio sets the scene for Day 4 of Radio Row and reacts to the eventful day of Day 3 in Minnesota.

Deshaun Watson was on Mad Radio yesterday live on Radio Row. The guys revisit it and discuss what it would take to get under Watson’s skin in a Tom Brady manner.

Daryl “Moose” Johnston joins Mad Radio to discuss what he has in common with Seth and more.

Mad Radio Reacts To The News Of The Day Live From Radio Row

Damon Amendolara joins Mad Radio to discuss Radio Row chaos and more.

39-year-old NFL quarterback Terence Newman joins Mad Radio to discuss how the Vikings dominated the Texans, what he saw in Brock Osweiler and how he has lasted so long in the league.

Broadcast legend Kenny Mayne joins Mad Radio live from radio row to discuss the state of the business and the way he uses social media.

Mike Meltser’s former roommate Zach Berman joins Mad Radio to discuss Mike’s strange tendencies and the big game.


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