By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: A blockbuster trade, a record-setting night for James Harden, Seth Payne’s former teammate Tony Boselli, Ryan Leaf, Terrell Davis, Matt Birk and more LIVE from SportsRadio 610 Radio Row.

Deshaun Watson joins Mad Radio to discuss why he felt the need to support Bill O’Brien during the season, new GM Brian Gaine, his rehab and more.

Ryan Leaf joins Mad Radio and John McClain to discuss his awkward encounter with Johnny Manziel amidst his attempts to reach out to the troubled quarterback.

Tony Boselli joins Mad Radio to discuss what Seth Payne is like as a teammate, how hard he tried to play in Houston and more.

Landry Locker breaksdown what a night out with Mike Meltser is like when he’s mingling with media types and talking to women.

Mad Radio sets the scene for Day 3 of Radio Row reacting to James Harden making history, an NFL blockbuster and more.

Mad Radio reacts to James Harden’s historic night and if he will be the league MVP the year after the debate was heavy.

The General John McClain joins Mad Radio LIVE from Radio Row to give the latest on the Texans and the coaching staff.

It was destined to happen and it finally did. Mad Takes turns into an altercation with a former local Houston host.

NFL Hall Of Famer and 2x Super Bowl champion Terrell Davis joins Mad Radio to discuss his playing days and provide Seth with an on-air therapy session.

Mike, Seth and Landry discuss their viral altercation on Radio Row and Mike unveils a secret that he has been keeping for a long time.

Former Detroit Lions receiver Herman Moore joins Mad Radio LIVE from Radio Row.

Kirk Minihane Of WEEI joins Mad Radio LIVE from Radio Row to give advice about the business and the difference in markets around the country.

Matt Birk joins Mad Radio live from Radio Row.


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