Paul wonders why it doesn’t seem like the city’s fully behind the Rockets despite being the #2 seed in the West.

Paul discusses how the Astros can keep star pitcher Dallas Keuchel next offseason.

In the Nightly News: MSU and Tom Izzo under fire and more.

A viral social media post prompts Paul to shut down all anti-Patriots conspiracy theorists.

Paul gives his reasons why he doesn’t plan to watch the new XFL.

Paul tries to guess Matt Hammond’s takes during his two-day hosting duty.

Derrick Foreman, father of Texans running back D’Onta Foreman, joins the show to talk about his son’s recovery, his problems with Texas coach Tom Herman and more.

Paul reacts to the Rockets’ loss to the Pelicans Friday night and vents more of his LeBron hate.

El Chapo turns over a new leaf, the Doomsday Clock moves forward and more.

Paul runs down all the games to watch this weekend, reacts to ESPN host Jemele Hill leaving SportsCenter and more.



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