Sean, Rich, and Ted open the show talking about the sentencing of Larry Nassar.


Sean, Rich, and Ted discuss the contract situation for Texans star defensive player Jadeveon Clowney after his agent talked about getting a new deal at the Senior Bowl.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about Dallas Keuchel’s future with the Astros after he answered a question about free agency on our show yesterday. The guys also debated the odds of other Astros core players staying after their current contract.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about news that the NBA may be more open to sports gambling than we thought. If the league gets one percent of the money wagered.


Sean, Rich, and Ted mock stupid people, who did stupid things everyday during All Due Respect. Stories today include a Taco Bell employee who threw a hot burrito at his boss.


Sean, Rich, and Ted talk about the roster announcement for the NBA All-Star game. Was Chris Paul being left off a snub?


Sean, Rich, and Ted talked to John Harris LIVE from the Senior Bowl about the NFL prospects he’s seen so far, and what advantages the Texans get from coaching one of the teams.



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