HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Houston Astros ace Dallas Keuchel is feeling much better after a short offseason of rest, but it’s not to say he wasn’t hurting during and after the World Series run in 2017.

Keuchel who reportedly hurt his foot during the 2nd half of the season, but pitched through the injury was just able to fully start rehabbing it this week.

“I’m feeling really good actually,” Keuchel told Sean Pendergast, Rich Lord and Ted Johnson on the Triple Threat on Tuesday on SportsRadio 610. “I just ran outside for the first time since the end of the season last year. That was a really good sign. I felt good.”

The injury could have contributed to Keuchel’s rough second half where he had a 4.24 ERA in 12 starts after going 9-0 in the first half with an ERA under 2.00 before hitting the disabled list with neck discomfort.

Keuchel said the injury wasn’t going to stop him from making the playoff run with his team.

“I wasn’t going to miss time,” Keuchel said. “It wasn’t life-threatening. It was just a very uncomfortable situation and the fact that we were in the world series and pushing to the World Series got me through.”

Keuchel is looking for a full healthy year this year.

“I look to be out there 34, 35 times in the regular season and beyond, hopefully.”


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