By Derek Fogel

Houston (SPORTSRADIO 610) – Dallas Keuchel joined the Triple Threat Tuesday and spoke about his career and the decisions he will likely have to make at the end of the 2018 season. Keuchel and the Astros avoided arbitration when they agreed upon his $9.15 million salary for the final year of his contract. Although, the concerning news for Houston fans was his hiring of agent Scott Boras.

“It’s nice to be in one spot for so many years,” Dallas said. “Everybody’s human and you’re going to look towards the future in one moment or the other.”

Boras handles many of the top names and salaries in baseball including Max Scherzer, Jake Arrieta and Robinson Cano. A handful of his clients are still in free agency this current offseason and most speculate the cause to be the outlandish price tags for his players. Despite this deterring teams in the present, the recent past has shown that players, and Boras, have gotten their demands.

“Veteran pitching is always looked upon and sought after because it wins and you saw it with Verlander, what happened when we traded for him,” Keuchel said. “If this is my last year here, I’m going to enjoy every single moment and I’m going to give everything I have. Not to say that I haven’t before, but just really really enjoy it.”

Since Keuchel’s hiring of Boras in December, many fans have seemingly accepted an imminent departure in the next offseason. The attitude and influence from Boras usually does not find a player returning to a team for a so-called ‘hometown discount’. However at this moment, Dallas has no plans to leave, but also none to stay.

“I would love to be in Houston.”


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