By Landry Locker

Here are five things on my mind today, The Landry Locker Room Jan. 18, 2018.

No. 1: Reaction to Brian Gaine’s Introduction to the Media

I thought new Texans GM Brian Gaine was sharp, firm, professional, answered all of the questions and came across as a guy that knows exactly what he wants to do during the offseason. I also thought Gaine had more of an authentic presence at the podium compared to former GM Rick Smith, who gave off an unauthentic, robotic, corporate vibe when he met with the media, which wasn’t often.

I did find it interesting that when Gaine was asked about what Smith’s role would be with the organization in the future he said that Bob McNair had addressed it. If McNair did address it I must have missed it, but I’m starting to believe if Smith has anything to do with the organization in the future his role won’t have anything to do with the personnel side of things, which I said the morning his departure was announced.


No. 2: The word of the offseason for the Texans, Alignment 

The word of the offseason for the Texans has been alignment. Gaine said it yesterday and O’Brien and Bob McNair have both mentioned it since the season ended as well. You can read between the lines and see that this organization wasn’t as aligned as O’Brien wanted it to be in recent years. Of course, this isn’t breaking news and has been well documented. The only questions I have are:

  1. Does alignment simply mean being on the same page and catering to O’Brien?
  2. Is everyone being on the same page as O’Brien a good thing?


No. 3: Keenum vs Foles in the NFC Championship Game by comparison

This Sunday Nick Foles and Case Keenum will meet in the NFC Championship. Here are the last ten QB match ups in the NFC title game.

2007: Eli Manning vs Aaron Rodgers

2008: Donovan McNabb vs Kurt Warner

2009: Drew Brees vs Brett Favre

2010: Aaron Rodgers vs Jay Cutler

2011: Eli Manning vs Alex Smith

2012: Colin Kaepernick vs Matt Ryan

2013: Russell Wilson vs Colin Kaepernick

2014: Russell Wilson vs Aaron Rodgers

2015: Cam Newton vs Carson Palmer

2016: Matt Ryan vs Aaron Rodgers

As the one guy who lives by the notion that there’s no such thing as an ugly football game I’m still very excited about the NFC Championship, but good quarterback play wouldn’t hurt my excitement.

No. 4: The NBA suspends Green and Ariza two games each

The NBA announced they have suspended Rockets forward Trevor Ariza and guard Gerald Green two games each for entering the Clippers’ locker room after a Rockets loss Monday night.

I thought Ariza should have gotten a stiffer punishment, but it’s good the NBA at least did something. There’s no place for stuff like that in the league.

No. 5: I don’t believe in criminal sketches

Call me skeptical, but I just don’t believe in these criminal sketches that someone draws after a civilian describes what a suspected thief looks like. It just seems dated, impossible to execute and I question the accuracy. I’m willing to speak with an expert about this or even test my skepticism, but I am not a believer. Even courtroom sketches where the person is right in front of the sketcher are inaccurate! Remember the Tom Brady Deflate Gate sketch?!

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