By Landry Locker

Here are five things on my mind today, The Landry Locker Room Jan. 17, 2018.

No. 1: The NBA needs to come down hard on Trevor Ariza

Now that news is surfacing that Rockets forward Trevor Ariza has been further isolated as the man most responsible for the Rockets post-game charge into the Clippers locker room on Sunday night the NBA needs to send a message to Ariza that stuff like this won’t be tolerated.

Ariza did the same thing last season in Dallas against the Mavericks and a message needs to be sent that sophomoric, potentially dangerous stuff like this will not be tolerated. The NBA suspends players for leaving the bench during on-court altercations while games are going on. It only makes sense that when a player tries to go into an opposing team’s locker room after the game is over he receives a stiff punishment.

A four or five game suspension seems appropriate. There are also reports that the Clippers players feel Chris Paul was the aggressor. If that’s the case then CP3 deserves a stiff suspension, too. There’s no place for this in the NBA.

No. 2: The five questions that need to be asked to new Texans GM Brian Gaine

New Texans GM Brian Gaine will be introduced to the media today at 3 p.m. These are the questions that need to be asked.

Question No. 1: There have been reports that you left the organization on your own following the 2016 season and there have also been reports that you were fired, why exactly did you leave the organization after the 2016 season?

Question No. 2, follow up to Question 1: If Gaine says he left on his own, why? If Gaine says he was fired then why?

Question No. 3: What role, if any, do you envision Rick Smith having with the organization if or when he returns from his leave of absence?

Question No. 4: A lot has been made of your close relationship with Bill O’Brien, how much of a say will he have in the personnel?

No. 3: The Texans should proactively be looking for Mike Vrabel’s replacement NOW!

Is Mike Vrabel a good defensive coordinator? It’s too early to say. His unit was depleted by a Godly amount of injuries during his first season on the job. However, there were times where his defense appeared to be unorganized.

See: The Seahawks game-winning TD in Week 8.

Despite the fact Vrabel hasn’t proven himself as an defensive coordinator there are many people around the league that believe he can be a good head coach. Vrabel has interviewed for four head-coaching positions in the last year and it’s inevitable that O’Brien will be looking for a new defensive coordinator.

I’m not saying the Texans should fire Vrabel, but given the fact that he could be gone soon and you don’t know if he is that good at his current job the Texans should at least be proactive and have a plan in place for his replacement.

No. 4: Keenum found the right situation and took advantage of it in 2017

Following Minnesota’s epic walk off win over the Saints in the NFL Divisional round of the playoffs there are a lot of Keenumites calling into the station claiming that Case Keenum, who has been on five different teams in six NFL seasons, has proven his doubters wrong and anyone who ever doubted his ability to be a quality starting QB in the NFL should be indulging in a plate of crow.

Keenum deserves a lot of credit for taking advantage of the favorable situation he found himself in this season, but the Vikings roster is built for a quarterback to succeed.

The Vikings had the No. 1 ranked defense in 2017, the No. 7 rushing attack, an underrated receiving duo in Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, and played in a division where Aaron Rodgers got hurt and missed most of the season.

Also, before his body broke down Sam Bradford had a field day against the Saints in Week 1 completing 27-32 passes for 346 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions with a QBR of 95.2

I’m more that willing to give Keenum credit, but Keenumites are going to have to meet me somewhere in the middle between elite NFL quarterback and quality backup with a stacked roster around him.

No. 5: Nobody truly loves cold weather

Eskimos that ice fish in Alaska are the only people who truly prefer cold weather over hot weather. Anyone who says they do is lying. Nobody is outside enjoying this icy, snowy weather right now, it’s miserable.

I always get a kick out of people who say they enjoy cold weather because they can bundle up inside and stay warm while they drink hot chocolate. You aren’t enjoying the weather if you stay inside and avoid it. You know why I know people enjoy warm weather? Because they go to the pool, the patio or the barbecue to actually be in it.

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