By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: What to watch and root for in the NFL this weekend, another outlandish O’Brien rumor, the Texans depleted coaching staff, Landry’s List, Worst Take Of The Week, Wade Smith’s weekly visit, Dabo Swinney gets Texans fans excited, strange perverted California trends and more.

Mike Meltser says what he’s rooting against this weekend including Houston cult hero, Case Keenum, and the hated Patriots. Plus, Seth has an issue with Mike’s look.

What are the Texans doing with their coaching staff and front office? Mad Radio takes a look at all of the holes on the staff and the plan of the organization.

Could Bill O’Brien replace Bill Belichick if he left New England? There are irresponsible rumors out there saying so, which Mad Radio find ridiculous for numerous reasons. Plus, there’s a weird fad in California that nobody on the show could participate in.

Landry Locker gives the five biggest story lines from NFL Divisional weekend including an easy path for Keenum, sloppy coaches and more.

Dabo Swinney follows up on his Deshaun Watson Michael Jordan comparison and then discusses why he and DeAndre Hopkins are the best possible duo for the Houston Texans.

Mad Radio through all of the chirping leading up to the NFL weekend including Blake Bortles’ alleged LeBron comparison, Jalen Ramsey being Jalen Ramsey and Big Ben’s drama.

Mike Meltser is tired of undeserving players getting into the Hall Of Fame so now he is kicking people out including some familiar faces in baseball and football.

John McClain is this week’s winner of worst take of the week for his drunken advice and SportsRadio 610 has an opportunity for you to attend the Super Bowl.

Seth has a bone to pick with Mike about his past notion that DeAndre Hopkins is very good, but a notch below Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and OBJ. Seth disagrees, but Mike holds his ground.

Wade Smith joins Mad Radio for his weekly visit to discuss the state of the Texans franchise, what he thinks of Bill O’Brien and the holes of the coaching staff.

Stuff Landry Likes: Jacksonville Wins, Harder To Quit Fast Food Than Meth And More




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