By Adam Spolane

HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610)- Chris Paul wasn’t upset with the 56 personal fouls called in the Rockets 121-112 win over the Portland Trail Blazers Wednesday night at Toyota Center, but that doesn’t mean the Rockets guard wasn’t upset.

“I got a (technical foul) tonight, yeah, Scott Foster at his finest,” he said sarcastically. “He just….never fails.”

Foster whistled Paul for his sixth technical foul of the season with 4:52 to play after P.J. Tucker was called for a foul by Courtney Kirkland on a Damian Lillard layup.

“I’m over there with Courtney (Kirkland), saying ‘that’s Scott, that’s Scott’, and I get a tech, but that’s history there, so Scott, he the man, that’s who they pay to see.”

The relationship between NBA players and officials has turned toxic this season. Over the weekend Warriors forward told the Athletic that “A lot of it is personal. When you give someone so much authority and they make it me against you, you can’t overcome that.”

Green added the NBA “can get a new crop (of referees).”

In order to quell the tension between players and officials, NBPA executive director Michele Roberts told USA Today that there is a meeting planned between the officials union and the player’s association during All Star Weekend in Los Angeles. Paul is the director of the NBPA, and said he’d like to take part in the meeting before taking one last shot at Foster.

“We’re gonna figure it out. There’s gotta be a way that you can have dialogue and stuff like that, but I don’t know, good old Scott Foster, though.”

Players are fined $2,500 for every technical foul they receive, and are suspended for one game after the 16th, and another game for every two technicals after that.

Foster is in his 24th season as an NBA official. In that span he’s worked 163 playoff games and 17 NBA Finals games including game 7 of the 2010 Finals. 2007 was the Finals series he did not work.


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