By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: John McClain explains why everyone seems to want the same guy to be the Texans GM, the guys go back in time to compare Gruden and O’Brien’s first pressers with their their organizations, Landry lists the worst mentors for college athletes, Mike’s movie fascination, Ask McClain Anything and a lot more.

Mike Meltser saw a movie that he feels you need to see and Seth weighs in on the flu sweeping through Houston and across the country which leads to a caller correcting him.

Landry lists the worst potential mentors for college athletes in the spirit of Marcus Mariota mentoring Tua. The only rule, the mentor had to have had significant success at the professional level.

Mad Radio takes a look at the old relationship between Bill O’Brien and Rick Smith and whether or not O’Brien was able to do what he wanted to do the last four years. A friend of O’Brien believes it was clear Smith was in charge, the guys recisit the audio and look into it.

Bill O’Brien’s first presser with the Texans wasn’t as fancy as Jon Gruden’s return to the Raiders, but Mad Radio goes back in time and to see how O’Brien’s comments have traveled in time.

Headlines: What Do John McClain And James Harden Have In Common? Mike and DeAndre Hopkins and Mike’s sports dong.

Everyone seems to want the same guy to be the next GM of the Texans, but why? John McClain discusses with Mad Radio during his weekly visit.

Ask John McClain Anything 1/10: Texans, Condiments, Controversy And More

Does Bob McNair make a GM’s job more difficult and why would someone not want to work for the Texans? John McClain joins Mad Radio to discuss and break it down.

Mad Radio discusses the significance of all of the Texans coaching vaccancies heading into the Senior Bowl with John McClain during his weekly visit.

Mike Meltser discusses why the Texans must spend heavy this offseason and if they new to know why all they have to do is watch the NFL Playoffs.

A year ago today Deshaun Watson was the hot topic in sports because of his performance in the national championship, Mad Radio revisits the audio of what they were saying and Seth says what Watson has in common with Jerry Rice.



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