As heard on In the Loop

John picks

Mike — Jaguars. Very boring.

Seth — Titans. You never know what to expect. And, really, how long is he going to be around?

Cody — Vikings. Once an understudy like Case, no one expected his successful.

John — Patriots. How he does it at his age is mind-boggling.

Sean — Saints. Traded, undersized, makes the most of his talent.

Rich — Steelers. Once upon a time, pretty damn good.

Ted — Eagles (once was awesome, but lost the head of the body)

Paul — Falcons. Holds grudges, still pissed. 28-3.


Cody picks

Falcons – Paul

Eagles – Ted

Titans – Mike

Patriots – John

Steelers – Rich

Jaguars – Seth

Saints – Sean

Vikings – Cody


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