Today on Mad Radio: The local impact of Wild Card weekend, the pros and cons of working for the Texans, Tom Brady allegedly enters the hot seat, the hire that shouldn’t be made and more on an Overreaction Monday.

Mad Radio immediately reacts to NFL Wild Card weekend and what they took most from the weekend.

Tennessee and Jacksonville won playoff games this weekend while the Texans watched, but what is the overall impact of those wins from a Texans perspective? Does anything change? Mad Radio breaks it down.

Tom Brady answered tough questions in his fluff interview with Jim Gray this weekend according to Mike Meltser and Landry Locker, but Seth Payne questions the hype.

A potential candidate for the Texans GM job said that there are some appealing and very unappealing things about the Texans GM job according to Landry Locker, what could the unappealing and appealing things be about the position?

Mad Radio breaks down the good and bad things about working for the Texans and Mike Meltser says the Giants shouldn’t hire Belichick.

Mike and Seth discuss the contract Jon Gruden is getting from the Raiders and the value of an NFL coach.

Mike Meltser gives his biggest discoveries from NFL Wild Card weekend.

Mad Radio reacts to Twitter beef between Richie Incognito and hisopponent over the weekend, which led to racist allegations and a discussion over Incognito potentially going too far.

Why on earth wouldn’t any fanbase want Bill Belichick to coach their team? Mike Meltser tries to explain to Seth Payne and Landry Locker.

Mad Radio discusses why there appears to be a lack of hype surroudning the national championship game and what the reasons are.


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