By Landry Locker
  • Today on Mad Radio: Did the Texans have a hand in bringing drama to the best dynasty in NFL history? Steve Byrne, Michael Lombardi and Wade Smith join the show, lessons from the Duane Brown era ending in 2017, Stuff Landry Likes, NFL drinking game and bingo, Worst Take of The Week and more.

Michael Lombardi of the Ringer joins Mad Radio to discuss his friend Bill O’Brien’s relationship with Rick Smith, what he’s like to work with, the reported drama in New England and more. Plus, Seth addresses his frienemy and let’s him know how much his work has grown on him.

Mad reacts to the Rockets loss to Golden State and what most already knew being was the reality of where the Rockets stand in the landscape of the NBA.

Mad Radio goes through what Texans fans will be rooting for this weekend during the four NFL games.

Landry Locker provides extracarricular entertainment of your choice for the weekend’s NFL games.

Bob McNair said some interesting things to John McClain this week, Mad Radio breaks them down and discusses Texans fans towards Duane Brown and if a lesson can be learned from the way Brown was handled or if things worked out perfectly.

Mad Radio reacts to the latest report about turmoil in New England between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, what to make of it and how the Texans could have played a role.

Steve Byrne, who will be at the Houston Improv this weekend, joins Mad Radio to shoot the breeze and along the way has a disagreement with Seth about his notion that Roseanne is hot.

Mad Radio reflects on their mistakes from earlier in the show and what to make of the Patriots reported drama.

In the first edition of Line 1, an experiment where interviews are sprung last minute on Mad Radio, Landry Locker gives Mike and Seth five minutes to prepare to interview the author of a book involving fictional sexual fantasies about a pop culture icon.

Wade Smith discusses the organizational structure of the Texans and the tweaks he would make to the offensive line before the team brings in new players.

Stuff Landry Likes 1/5: Beer Cans, The Best Weekend In Sports, Gerald Green And More


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