By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Was the Titans 2017 season really a disappointment? New fan favorites, searching for a folk replacement, the requirements for the Texans next GM, replacing Gruden’s QB Camp, Marc Vandermeer begins his weekly visit, Worst Take nominees and more.

Mad Radio is joined by Marc Vandermeer for his weekly visit and lets the guys know who he would like to see as the Texans GM and what he thought the biggest non-injury disappointment was of 2017.

Mad Radio discusses a new local athlete, who has a dissability few people know about, the disappointment of tonight’s Rockets game against the Warriors and a new potential fan favorite for the Texans.

Were The Titans Really A Disappointment In 2017? Mad Radio breaks it down.

Mad Radio begins the painful process of searching for a replacement for one of the best sports TV packages of the last decade, Gruden’s QB Camp. Peyton Manning, just getting rid of the whole thing are among the options suggested.

Mad Radio goes through the requirements for the next Texans GM and who it looks like is the favorite to replace Rick Smith.

Mad Radio discusses why this weekend in the NFL is so intriguing and what they will be watching closely.

Landry Locker provides Mad Radio with the five biggest sports radio hack topics early into 2018.

Marc Vandermeer revisits the best moment from 2017 and the biggest mistake the Texans made last season that can’t be repeated in 2018.

Marc Vandermeer calls out Mad Radio and Eli Escobar sits in for Seth during an interview with former NFL player and current NFL analyst Steve Tasker.

Screw Em 1/4

Screw Em 1/4


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